Now even after finding a pet friendly home for you and your loved ones, there is a major hurdle to clear. The mandatory quarantine for all pets, no matter what age, coming to the island is 120 days. But don’t worry – you may not have to be separated from your pet for that amount of time, as long as you can meet the requirement for the 5-Day or Less Program.

The 5-Day or Less Program must be read carefully, as there is a long list of steps that must be completed, as well many documents that must be obtained, in order to make sure your pet is only kept in quarantine for five days. If you can, work with your veterinarian to make sure that you and your pet are suitably prepared for entry. Your representative at CENTURY 21 Hawaiian Style will also be happy to speak with you and check with you to see if you have completed all the necessary steps.

Please note that if your pet is a non-domesticated breed, you will not be permitted to bring him or her on the island. And puppies and kittens are not exempt from the quarantine, so starting them early is recommended.

The islands of Hawaii are rabies-free, and this is one of the primary reasons why the Hawaii quarantine requirements are so strict. For more information, visit http://hawaii.gov/hdoa/ai/aqs/info

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