The golden beaches of Honolulu are legendary. Facing the dramatic horizon of the Pacific Ocean, they offer a scenic access point for swimming, snorkeling and surfing - and of course a tranquil setting for endless numbers of sunbathers. Buyers who seek a home base that is as close as possible to these heavenly shores only need to turn their attention to Honolulu beach condos.

With sand dunes and ocean only a few steps away, Honolulu beach condos epitomize convenient oceanfront living on Oahu. When you wake up you only need to cross the street for a morning dip, and at the end of a long day out on the waves you can be back home in no time. Should you ever want to escape the sun-drenched beach you can take a day off in one of the most vibrant cities for shopping and culture, Honolulu has enough museums, art galleries, malls, stores and boutiques to keep you busy for a lifetime.

Inside these beachfront homes you often find floor to ceiling windows, balconies or terraces with sweeping views of the coast and ocean, and floor plans that let soft light filter through to every corner. Lush tropical landscaping will often throw balmy shade onto outdoor areas on warmer days, and you can expect a comfortable trade wind breeze from the ocean when you open your windows. Honolulu beach condos are designed for luxury and ease of living, all year round.

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