Nestled on the southern shore of the island of Oahu, the neighborhood of Waikiki is a resplendent locale that has been the heart of the Hawaii tourism industry for generations. Merely 2 miles long, yet incorporating one of the highest concentrations of luxury hotels and resorts, shops, restaurants, and nightlife, this is one of the best places to be. Visitors and residents alike turn their attention to this area, and many select a Waikiki hotel condo as their ultimate residence.

The Waikiki hotel condo lifestyle brings together the finest elements of the resort surroundings with the culture and atmosphere that makes Oahu so unique. These properties were designed to offer everything one would expect on a perfect vacation, from an excellent location to wonderful views, amenities, and an attentive building staff. Delight in a convenient place to arrive, where it is easy to get comfortable and enjoy the way of life within moments.

Waikiki hotel condos also offer an excellent source of income for investors who wish to share their property with some of the thousands of visitors who arrive in Waikiki every year. Leasing to individuals, couples, and families who want to get a taste of the lifestyle - especially when you are not in the property yourself - is a smart and lucrative use of a lovely residence that should be enjoyed all year round.

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