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Waikiki is renowned for its pristine beaches and fine water sports, but this popular destination is also home to a plethora of restaurants and eateries. Everything from Pacific Rim, Japanese and American to Hawaiian regional cuisine is readily available, and you can enjoy your meal on the beach or on the busy main street. Wherever you sit, you are likely to enjoy sweeping views of glittering, turquoise waters or energetic big-city avenues.

Diners who seek to experience Hawaiian regional food can taste truly unique dishes at various fine Waikiki restaurants. The fusion of flavors that make up this delightful cuisine are arguably best enjoyed when cooked with fresh local ingredients. Great Hawaiian regional restaurants in Waikiki include Roy's Waikiki located on the eclectic Waikiki Beach Walk, and Chef Mavro located on King Street - both serve award-winning food featuring produce from local farmers. There are also numerous casual eateries, often family-run, that serve deliciously fresh Hawaiian flavors.

Regardless of what kind of food you prefer, there are many casual eateries, grills and bars in Waikiki that serve up great meals in an informal setting. These places are spread out across Waikiki, and you can find something around nearly every turn. For example, for Japanese bistro food head to Tokuritei on Kapahulu Avenue, for pasta try Verbano's on King Street and if you feel like pizza then consider Giovanni's.

No matter what your favorite food is, there is something here for everyone - the restaurant scene of Waikiki truly reflects its diverse population that consists of a blend of cultures and nationalities from around the world.

Spas and Shopping

Everybody needs to recharge every once in a while. Whether your preferred method of relaxation and renewal is a spa treatment or retail therapy, Oahu has plenty to offer.

There are numerous five star establishments where you can find world-class beauty and relaxation therapies here, especially in Honolulu or any of the luxury resorts across the island such as the Ko'olina Resort. If you want to spoil yourself with Hawaiian treatments ask for massages such as a "Lomilomi" that uses rhythmic movements to ease stress or "Pohaku" that applies heated stones to ease aching muscles. Or, give yourself a facial or body treatment that uses local island products and fresh ingredients.

For shopping, Oahu is a dream come true. Shoppers who love markets and fairs will rejoice when they come to Honolulu, as colorful, eclectic markets abound. Here you can browse for exciting jewelry, antiques or crafts and walk away with some unique finds. But there is also an abundance of upscale boutiques in Honolulu, featuring the world's finest brands in fashion, cosmetics and interiors. In Ala Moana you can experience some of the biggest malls on the island - Victoria Ward Center and Ala Moana Shopping Center - and in Waikiki, numerous malls and outlets present popular shopping destinations.

Rest assured that life on Oahu opens up a world of opportunity to relax, regenerate, and be inspired - all in a vibrant yet tranquil tropical setting.

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